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Tassa Ganidou

Conversing With Anna Lewis

The ExoMars Rover that will search for the building blocks of life on Mars has a name: ROSALIND FRAKNKLIN. Rosalind is the prominent scientist behind the discovery of structure of DNA. “The dark lady of DNA” will have her symbolic footprint on Mars.

Rosalind’ s life is a true story about the social responsibility of modern science and a woman’ s struggle to find an equal place in a man ruling community. At the same time it is a story about the scientist’ s devotion to a wider vision that can even justify her sacrifice for the sake of common progress and ultimately about the authenticity of character and meaning in creation and offering. Her contribution and her name were never mentioned in any scientific journal until 1990, 30 years after her death. Maybe because she didn’ t catch up. maybe because she was never interested in glory, maybe because she was a woman. On the other hand, male members of the same research team immediately became famous. My polymorphic and kinetic “Rosalind the Rover” was created to remind us that even the most fragile and delicate personalities can leave behind the weights that keep them on the ground and fly to discover and explore new paths of heart spirit and soul. They must begin this path using ’ the three key elements of Declaration of Sentiments: Life, Liberty and Pursuit of happiness as vehicle and the Loyalty, Purity and Hope as driver.

I used simple silversmithing techniques combined with embroideries made using the common technique of cross stich. Appearances can be deceptive . The first part which is in fact the heavier symbolizes the destination, the unexplored, the one that get us higher. The second and third parts can be worn as a pair or separately. Ironically enough, these parts weigh less than the first one but symbolize the heavy weights that keep us down, such as old beliefs and stereotypes.

The way we choose to wear it leaves a different narrative. But the goal will always be Mars The unexplored.



Textiles, Embroidery, Silver, Wood, Semi-Precious Stones

Tassa Ganidou
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