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JELO6: Jewelry + Objects + our 6 senses
...a manifesto...


Adorning Change:
as a Catalyst
for Peaceful Activism

We have been taught that humans have five senses:

Taste, smell, vision, hearing, and touch.

However, an under-appreciated "sixth sense," called proprioception, allows us to keep track of where our body parts are in space.

Jewelry is intimately connected with the body, its sensing mechanism and its movements in space-time. And this is not something new. It is a concept alive since the beginning of time. Personal adornments not only serve as a means for beautifying our outer appearance or indicate status, but can also have subtle effects on our body's proprioceptive awareness. Especially when worn consistently over time.


Remember those neck rings, worn by some tribes that want their necks elongated for ritualistic purposes? Imagine now their weight... How does this weight, added to the weight of their physical body, impact their everyday life? Their pace while walking? Their sense of position in the surroundings? Their notions of beauty, love, or freedom?

And if jewelry has such a power, as to alter its wearer's proprioceptive awareness, his/her overall perception of the external world, as well as his/her internal states,  if intentionally used, how it could have an even greater and more meaningful impact?

I believe that in a world where every action, no matter how small, can ripple into transformative waves of change, even the subtle act of adorning oneself holds the potential to become a gesture of peaceful activism.

Jewelry, with its ability to tell stories, evoke emotions, and symbolize beliefs, has emerged as a canvas for expressing values that resonate deeply with its creator, as well as with its wearer. It's more than just a composition of valuable or beautiful materials; it's a medium through which we can communicate messages of unity, compassion, and justice.

When we wear jewelry that bears symbols of peace, equality, or environmental stewardship, we engage in a silent conversation with the world. Our choice of adornment becomes a statement, a nod to the causes we hold dear, and an invitation for others to join in contemplation and conversation.

The beauty of jewelry as a vehicle for peaceful activism lies in its accessibility and inclusivity. Regardless of background, age, or gender, jewelry speaks a universal language. It transcends barriers, engaging people across cultures and generations. As we wear a necklace that symbolizes sustainability or slip on a bracelet representing diversity, we carry the essence of change with us wherever we go.

Jewelry also serves as a gentle reminder to ourselves. It fosters mindfulness, grounding us in the principles we stand for. With every glance at that pendant or ring, we're prompted to reflect on the impact we wish to make, not just in the world, but in our immediate interactions too.

Perhaps most beautifully, jewelry sparks conversations. It's an invitation for curious souls to ask, "What does that mean?" These dialogues, sparked by a well-chosen accessory, are the seeds of awareness and change. In a world where divisiveness can sometimes overshadow unity, jewelry as a means for peaceful activism opens doors to discussions that bridge perspectives and build understanding.

So, let's consider the jewelry we wear not merely as ornaments, but as vessels of intention. Let's embrace its potential to turn heads, touch hearts, and inspire minds. By wearing jewelry that speaks to our values, we become walking embodiments of the change we wish to see – one necklace, one bracelet, one ring at a time.

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