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Sofia Zarari

Laskarina, Kiousteki

Inspired by the “Kiousteki”, an ornament for the chest that accompanied the Greek traditional costume in the 19th and 20th centuries, ‘Laskarina’ narrates the story of the many struggles of women. The struggles for life, equality and freedom can be traced from the Age of Enlightenment, to the revolution of the Iranian women in our days. 

Day by day, the piece was evolving in my hands. It began with just two pieces of plastic found on a beach, which consisted the main body, and gradually became covered with layers of memories of bygone struggles. A wearable garden, sown with defeats and victories experienced along the path of life. 

‘Laskarina’ is an ode to female nature, a shield of protection for the modern woman, who with love, cares and embraces those around her, and at the same moment finds the strength to defend her values with boundless courage.

Narration I: Lydia, Greece.

I was born in Athens in 1996. The years of my childhood were pleasant and calm. I can remember a pavement outside my home, where I would play all the time.

On finishing school, I registered to attend a vocational high school, so that I could follow a specialization in Microbiology. I finally managed.

For the last few months, I have been doing my internship at Agios Savvas Hospital. Gratis.

For me to manage economically, I work in a cafeteria in the afternoon and some evenings, I work at a bar in Exarcheia. Despite the fact that this job is in the evening, I  really do enjoy it; it relaxes me.

One evening, as I was returning home from a night out, I was attacked by a man. I was petrified. The point is though, how I found myself feeling guilty about what had happened at that specific moment. That is, I was the one who caused this to happen. Day by day I do work hard on myself, so I have succeeded in becoming stronger. On the other hand, I do not wish for such an incident to happen in my life to make me bolder.

In the future, I desire all women to be free. To be liberated once and for all from the burden others have placed upon us.

As for me, I hope along my life’s path, I will find my own way, without being overwhelmed by stress to accomplish grand plans. It is enough for me to feel calm and content from time to time.

Body Jewelry 

Bronze, Early 20th Century Embroidery, Machine Embroidery, Digital Embroidery, Fruits, Freshwater Pearls, Μother of Pearl

Sofia Zarari
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