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Maria Tsimpiskaki

Conversing With Anna Lewis

You tell me if I leave the circle, I will be lost, wandering alone at the edges of solitude, and that the world is a wild beast, and when it bites, I should remain silent."

(Yiannis Aggelakas)

In the circle of life, a woman transforms, changes roles, and forms. She becomes a creator of life, life itself, a mother, a woman. She loves and she is loved, she depends on others and others are depended on her ... She is being exploited and manipulated. They tell her to be afraid, to remain silent... She questions and denies this command. With strength and sensitivity, she fights for her liberation and freedom.

The title of this work is “metamorphosis” and it is related to the material I use, silk cocoons. Silk is a delicate and seemingly a sensitive material, yet strong and resilient.

The biological cycle of the silkworm, is starting as a nymph weaving a dense cocoon around itself, a prison that traps it, only to later metamorphose into a chrysalis, pierce the cocoon, and escape into freedom.

Society has placed woman in a silk cocoon, and she perennially struggles to pierce it and break free…



Silk Cocoons, Silver, Gold

Maria Tsimpiskaki
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