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Katerina Glinou

Conversing With Snem Yildirim

I decided to converse with "Daily Obedience Routines“ by creating a necklace (or a banner-flag) that refers to the traditional Greek embroidery women used to sew for home decoration. They would write messages on them to encourage or to preach to other people (mostly women). I braided a colorful surface and sew the word PREPEI (“prepei” means “you must”) and a large eye on the one side. On the other side of the banner I wrote the word OXI (“ochi” means NO) as a counteraction to the first command. While the “PREPEI” side is symmetrical and strict the “ΟΧΙ” is free and doesn't follow any rules.



Felt, Thread, Silk, Pigments, Branch

Katerina Glinou
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