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Ilona Bokser

Conversing With Burcu Sulek

The idea of using praying beads and a hangman's knot as two distinct yet very powerful metaphors of unfreedom, enchainment and killing: killing of independence and physical killing, - is very appealing to me. I know by experience that any reactionary pressure, a repressive regime, oppressive traditions or rituals will blow up one day, even if they were assumed to last forever; they will be torn from inside and outside. That is why I want to cut the knot, to tear the vicious cycle. The bracelet is an embodiment of a closed loop, it roots down to slave shackles and more recently to harem, marriage and even pregnancy bracelets for women in some cultures, where liberation from the bracelet is related to the idea of liberation from the burden, escaping the vicious circle. Those ideas are embodied in my bracelet.


Recycled Paper, Carboard, Acrylic, Silver Leaf

Ilona Bokser
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