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Aleacion Amarilla (Flavia Bertorello and Natalia Gomensoro)

Conversing With Niki Stylianou

Neuroscience tells us about the transformation that takes place within the brain during the process of mapping: a continuous flow of “internal” and “external” outlines takes shape as neural networks are switched on and off via new synaptic connections. Echoing the idea of mapping, we choose to fire and wire new networks, and connections, as crystallized maps succeeding one another.

Natalia Gomensoro (b.1966 Montevideo, Uruguay) and Flavia Bertorello (b.1980 Cordoba, Argentina) a.k.a “AleacionAmarilla” is a South American duo of designers based in NewYork City. Since the beginning of their collaborative exchange in 2016, they have developed a sculptural jewelry practice that combines non-traditional materials with precious metals. Their shared architectural background informs their work characterized by a keen understanding of spatial dimensions, proportions, and scale.



Bismuth, Rubber, Bronze

Aleacion Amarilla (Flavia Bertorello and Natalia Gomensoro)
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