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Angelos Konstantakatos

Almost Broken

One of the most challenging accomplishments for me has been the ability to tinker in my workshop without overthinking. This is difficult because I tend to approach things from various perspectives simultaneously. Therefore, I've discovered a button that puts my mind in standby mode. This allows me to relax, compose, and create, relying solely on my eyes, hands, and emotions. I continue operating in this state until something goes awry, for better or worse. When that happens, I immediately shift back to analysis mode, examining precisely what went wrong and why, and extracting lessons learned. These lessons may be as concise as a single line or span several pages, outlining what not to do again or introducing a new technique.

Could a supporting material or an auxiliary task independently function as a piece of jewelry? Could a complete collection be crafted by filling the void left by another piece of jewelry?


Collection: Filling the Gap

Resin, Color, Expanded Polystyrene, Silver, Steel

Angelos Konstantakatos
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