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Sofia Paschou


I was born and bred in Athens, Greece. I graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, Dept. of Interior Αrchitecture, Decorative Arts & Design, Athens University of Applied Sciences, foΙlowed by studies in the UK in Leicester Polytechnic, on scenography for T.V studios. Following these studies, I worked in interior design for many years.

I first started making jewelry when, fulfilling a personal desire, I was exploring new areas of expressing myself. Encountering needle weaving was a critical point in my work, which led me to the decision to devote myself exclusively to the study of this technique and the development of handwoven jewelry.

Nature, music and folk art influence and inspire my work, developing contemporary forms.

I use different kinds of materials such as linen, cotton, silk and wool, which are interwoven on a tiny self-improvised loom, making every piece of my jewelry unique and original.

I have participated in many art exhibitions in Greece and abroad.


Linen, cotton, silk, wool and polyester threads

Sofia Paschou
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