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Dariusz Stefan Wojdyga

Animalisation. You`ve Made My Heart Mamoothized, Honey!!!

Extreme emotions overpower the mind. In mad love and dark anger, our cultivated human consciousness liquefy and our instincts take over our behaviours. We are reaching a state of animalization - a state of nature that we have displaced through cultural cultivation. Without speculation or judgment, let's try to let ourselves be devoured by this beast to feel the lightness of the universe for a moment. When the excitement subsides, let's cuddle this domesticated animal into a sweet late night sleep. Tomorrow we will humanise ourselves again by embroidering our wonderful story by the fireplace at home. Using scavenged scraps of textiles, leftovers, long-forgotten, unused souvenirs, and using simple techniques such as hand sewing, pinning, clipping, and rings, I create jewelry that externalizes our inner nature and reveal the constant need for closeness, belonging, and being cared for.


Recycled Textiles and Accessories

Dariusz Stefan Wojdyga
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