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Liana Pattihis


In this latest body of work, broken crockery is transformed into unique, wearable objects that offer the opportunity to celebrate not only their origin but also their fragmented, incidental qualities. The original pieces chosen, are mostly hand-painted, vintage or antique, of a lavish quality and craftsmanship, often associated with their age. When broken, their pieces, carrying the memory of the parent objects, imply their history, while assuming a new identity as contemporary jewelry. For this collection, they become wearable vessels that conceal a perfume vial. 

Often, fabric is incorporated into some of the work, using the Shibori technique to add shape. 


Porcelain Pieces From a Japanese Cup, Silver, Patinated Silver Chain, Glass Perfume Vial With a Screw Top, Fixing Agent, Stainless Steel

Liana Pattihis
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