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Monique Lecouna

Conversing With Sondra Sherman

My work is a scapular that covers the chest and back, and can be worn in contact with our skin or clothing. It is made of layers of fabric alluding to the layers of grief. It honors Afghan women but speaks to all women, to their individual and cultural wounds. It is a piece of protection, which protects the most intimate and sacred within us, and to which no ideology or religion can ever have access. My soul mourns the women of Afghanistan. From one day to the other these women disappeared from the streets and had once again to hide in their houses. They were forced to cover their bodies and faces with the burqa, hiding their feminine attributes. It is not only about the death of their rights, it's also about losing their dreams.



Cotton Lawn, Lace, Tulle, Gauze, Cotton Cloth, Silk and Cotton Threads, Silk Ribbon, Acrylic Paint

Monique Lecouna
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