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Taibe Palacios 
Solo Exhibition and Workshop

Trion Ierarchon 19, Athens, 11851

Tel. 6944727695 

a 2day course with Taibe Palacios Peliowski
(JELO6 project AWARD @ AUTOR 2023)

Saturday 24/2/2024, 10.00-12.00,

Monday 26/2/2024, 11.00-14.00


Content of the Workshop

Taibe is a contemporary jewelry artist living in Santiago, Chile. Her process is unique. Her trademarks: the seaweed she chooses as raw material and the way she sculpts it using layers of epoxy resin. In this workshop, she will share with the participants her line of thought, process, and techniques. She will also give them guidelines on how to create a pair of earrings. The workshop will unfold in two parts/two days. No previous knowledge is required.

In the first part – DAY 1, Participants

  • will be introduced to the artist's creative journey, gaining insights into the materials that define her work,

  • they will have the chance to watch a demonstration of the exercise that will follow: The making of a pair of seaweed earrings with silver posts.

  • Then guided by the artist, they will have the opportunity to select seaweed fragments to make their own pair of earrings, apply pigments, and engage in the essential drying phase, fostering a connection with the tactile and aesthetic aspects of the materials.

Transitioning into the second part – DAY 2,

Participants will go on with their earrings project

  • they will learn how to cover their seaweed fragments with epoxy resin

  • they will fix their sterling silver posts.

Materials provided: Taibe will bring all the materials needed.

Materials to bring: We’ll let you know.

Workshop duration

The workshop will unfold in two sessions. Both sessions will take place at Uni.Versus Art Room.

Trion Ierarchon 19, 11851, Petralona.

Workshop capacity

We need around 8 people to realize the workshop. Sharing and creating together is fun!


To book your place

Call 6983344621, οr write to with the subject: TAIBE PALACIOS WORKSHOP

Marguerite Bones 
Exhibition and Workshop

COMBS. An Ordinary Object Re-figured

Experimentation on Form and Use

with Marguerite Bones

Sunday 25/2/2024, 10.00-14.00

Join us in this immersive exploration of the artistic potential residing in the ordinary, overlooked combs, into examples of wearable storytelling and self-expression.


Marguerite Bones is a French Jewelry Artist. During this workshop she will talk about herself, her passions, her processes, and her inspiration, using as a vehicle and symbol the ordinary comb. She will present a short analysis of the aesthetics and the connotations of the seemingly humble project across cultures and time periods.

The participants will then translate this newfound knowledge into the hands-on creation of unique jewelry pieces.

From precious metals to unconventional materials, discover how the poetics of materiality come into play as you design and craft wearable art inspired by everyday objects.

Materials provided

Marguerite is going to bring along several random materials, found objects, and readymade combs.


Materials to bring

Do the same as Marguerite! Search around the city, the house, your studio. Bring along pieces of metal, recycled objects, or things ready to be transformed into imaginary combs. Bring also your basic tools: pliers, saws, scissors, hand-drills, files, sandpaper, paper and pencils, etc. If you wish to work in simple ways bring thread, needles, glue. We will provide some of the above as well.

Workshop duration

4 hours. Remember: Sunday 25/2, from 10.00 – 13.30

Workshop capacity

We need around 8 people to realize the workshop. Sharing and creating together is fun!

To book your place

Call 6983344621, or write to with subject: MARGUERITE BONES WORKSHOP

Trion Ierarchon 19, Athens, 11851

Tel. 6944727695 

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