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Lily Preve

Conversing With Burcu Sulek

Sacred Soul - The crisis of recent years has increased the phenomenon of gender-based violence in all its forms, even in countries where gender equality is legislated. It is the most extreme expression of exerting power over the female gender, confirming the control of the male gender over the female.

Burcu Sulek's BURDEN collection, with its simple dynamism and symbols that "speak and reveal the truth," was the inspiration for me. I chose to approach the problem of violence against women, victims of domestic violence, sexual exploitation, political and social struggles, through their Sanctification.

A necklace. A female form, confined by her own body, resembles an ancient funerary column. Part of a necklace made from woven tufts of hair from beloved, socially active women who offered themselves to me as a symbolic gesture of mourning for the losses and as a promise of unity and peaceful strength.



Brass, White Beeswax, Textile

Lily Preve
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