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Yiota Vogli


We live in a world that constantly reminds us that social acceptance has its rules. Everyone has to follow the established uniformity, complying with social rules, irrational standards and vague prejudices. Striving to be ‘politically correct’, every person, somewhere, somehow, sometime will become a victim of negative comparison, will encounter racism against him/her, will feel the social burden and danger against them and will need to just deal with it.

Therefore we instinctively create physical distance from others and object to prepare ourselves for defensive responses to potentially harmful stimuli. Let us find the courage to be ourselves, instead of trying to be the person others want us to be.

Temperaments, skills, mindsets and desires consistently differentiate one person from another. Societies with an open structure are fruitful, where diversity is not just tolerated but welcomed and encouraged.


Collection: Desires

Masking tape, Brass, Stainless Steel, Pigments

Yiota Vogli
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