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Aggelika Diplari


Cities, Places.

In the deep night and the freedom of association, within the word "city," a place, without anticipating where it will lead me, whether I shall experience fear, sorrow, or joy, without concern for whether it will be beautiful, ugly, right, or wrong. Temples, buildings, ancient cities, ceremonies, crime, metros, taxis, horizons, rivers. In those cities where I harbored a childhood dream to reside, enchanted by black and white films, books and narratives, yet never dwelled, the association of thought ceased, and the labor of creation commenced. Perhaps this, too, may constitute a form of redemption! Varanasi, Manila, Sri Lanka, Tokyo, Hanoi, Kathmandu, as I have fashioned them.


Collection: Cities, Places

Resin, Silver, Pigments, Stainless Steel

 Aggelika Diplari
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