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Jorge Manilla

Blank Sheet / A New Beginning

I know that somewhere I have existed, that nobody knows and that possibly only memories of me will remain.


By creating flat squares, I give emphasis to my fascination with gestural expressive work, which I describe as aggressive drawing. Holes and scar-like forms emerge from uncontrolled movements, systematically reinforced and delicately treated, resembling wounds that transform into pieces imbued with memories. 

My artworks are abstractions that allude to both human creations and those of our contemporary world. Using cardboard as a support and treating it as an organic material, the act of scarification unveils forms reminiscent of something primitive, evoking actions that may no longer exist. These actions remain unknown, but they are remembered through the scars. The conceived forms are intended to be associated with the human body. 


Mixmedia On Cardboard, Copper, Leather, Wood

Jorge Manilla
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