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Anastasia Gemeliari

Safety Pattern

The “safety pattern” is a repetition, a pattern.  It came from broccoli. For me, broccoli is a living character as I make up stories for my little girl, in which broccoli is the star of the show.

In my imagination he is a kind, giving, a little shy and sometimes awkward character. He enjoys company even though he sometimes feels like he can't fit in anywhere.

What could you possibly see by studying broccoli?

It is a small tree, with an amazing green color. The color of life.

I observe it. I cut it, touch, feel and pluck it. I am impressed by its flower heads. Dense with many smaller elements tightly packed. One sticks next to the other. Like little entities holding hands. It seems like they are independent of each other, but they are all connected. Both visually and kinesiologically. All these small elements make up a pattern. I instinctively follow it, reproduce it. It appeals to me, and I start design it. I find his repetition calming and I decide to make it my own… this pattern makes me feel happy, safe. Following this my mind flies, I think what does this pattern mean to me? It means calm, safety, intimacy. Means family.



Anastasia Gemeliari
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