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Angeliki Madi


Inner Gardens or Personal Mythology  

A woman stands at the center of memory-plane and connects the present and the past in a single moment, intending to change the future. Her life seems to be relationships and people within spacetime, colored by her own essence. Everything else is the scenery; memories that provoke the unraveling of a personal mythology. An event seems to trigger a journey, from a dark and exotic land, to inner landscapes where hope blooms.

Roads and ways are unexpectedly discovered, and an intangible reality wishes to express itself in order to become concrete. Sometimes, it materializes through fantastic creatures that emerging dazzled, as if waking up from a deep dream. 

Memories, wood, watercolors, inks, silk threads, and silver, are the materials for this work.  


Collection: Inner Gardens or Personal Mythology

Silver, Wood, Watercolors, Inks, Stainless Steel

Angeliki Madi
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