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Dimitra Papamerkouri (Awarded)

Conversing with Sofia Björkman

For the "Declaration of Sentiments," I have chosen to engage with the work of Sofia Björkman. I created a tool, drawing inspiration from the shape of a surgical scalpel – a tool for protection and defense against anything that makes us feel threatened.

I selected S. Björkman's work, because similarly, inspired by needles and pins, she has crafted a series of tools with the aim of restoring strength to women and feminine nature. Her work speaks of the need for a return to an egalitarian society without violence.

It is important to me that we can invent tools and devise appropriate ways to use them in our everyday life, so that they help us overcome anything, regardless of difficulty and circumstances.



Steel, PVC, Acrylic Color, Thread

Dimitra Papamerkouri (Awarded)
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