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Rita Martinez

Mirìfica Vita Haùstus

Alchemy fundamentally aims at the transmutability of common metals towards higher planes and even life itself (the philosopher's stone). In this process, metals can be brought back, transformed, and endowed with additional qualities. The alchemical operation often appears as an imitation and representation of the original creative process; we do not fully comprehend it, but we are on the verge of discovering its secrets as we let it flow. 

As the process unfolds, bodies are liberated from their limitations, weights, and corporality, paving the way for the profound: consciousness, disorder, and the restoration of balance. It becomes a dynamic interplay between the triad of spirituality, magic, and astrology, collectively reshaping perspectives between heaven and earth, equilibrium, and our preconceived understanding of them. 

The magic of alchemical transformation has been linked to something dark and mysterious since Christianity, resulting in its negative connotation. Similarly, white magic, despite its healing properties and knowledge, was also prohibited. 

Since my childhood, I recall my connection with everything I encountered through the sense of smell. I used to instinctively smell everything, almost as a natural automatism. Since 2019, I have been exploring archetypes of olfactory language, and I have achieved initial results that I wanted to compile under this collection named Odorarium. Odorarium represents my initial foray as a 'hunter' into the realm of smells. It delves into historical memory, but more importantly, into the personal. It explores hereditary connections, emotional responses like crying, laughter, happiness, anguish, and nostalgia. It speaks of evocation, transforming ordinary things into memories, into magical and fantastical moments. The scents, fragrances, and aromas of my cultural background, with their various hues, have accompanied me throughout my life's journey, shaping my identity and influencing the way I perceive both myself and others. 



Aluminum, Wood

Rita Martinez
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